Best Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/23

Top 20 Entertainment Apps

1 Oh My Dog

105% Growth

Oh My Dog - the famous one minute series by the grandfather of animation - Narsi.

1,675 Users

2 Roomy TV

104% Growth

A Simple Web App To Watch TV Online for free with

949 Users

3 The America's Wars Channel

103% Growth

America's Wars brings you premium documentaries and on-the-spot video footage from ALL of America's major conflicts.

1,122 Users

4 Colonization Hex

103% Growth

In this game there will be a map filled with colored grids. Your colony starts with the home grid in the center of the map marke

555 Users

5 Tamil Paa

102% Growth

Tamil songs lyrics for all kind of Tamil Movies in 100% in pure tamil.

571 Users

6 Virtual Pets Gadgets Fish

102% Growth

Online Virtual Pet Games, Fish Customizable

760 Users

7 TheTVKing

102% Growth

Find legal links to watch your favourite TV shows online.

1,554 Users

8 Wild Wild Taxi

102% Growth

You will be addicted immediatly after playing Wild Wild Taxi! In this super fun game you must use the arrow keys to dodge the ca

6,439 Users

9 Chess Trainer

102% Growth

Improve your chess game with Chess Lobby's chess trainer.

1,142 Users

10 Musical Kittens

102% Growth

An awesome web app with cute kittens who meow when you press on them.

666 Users

11 Love Calculator

102% Growth

Relive the 90s using the love calculator! Use it for your first love, current flame, ex-flame, singer, actor/actress, etc!

1,138 Users

12 Conway's Game of Life in 3D

102% Growth

A colorful version of Conway's Game of Life in 3D

914 Users

13 Tubesmix

102% Growth

Tubemix allows users to search and browse popular music and videos from YouTube and create playlists.

860 Users

14 Blue Squid TV

102% Growth

Watch Hand Curated YouTube videos and surf channels in a hands free user interfaceShows: Fred, Annoying Orange, The Lazer Coll

4,772 Users

15 FabGen

102% Growth

Password and number generator.

1,470 Users

16 CrowdTube.TV

101% Growth

Watch Trending Videos like a TV show

3,439 Users

17 Castle puzzle game

101% Growth

Jigsaw puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty

1,919 Users

18 Bollywood Movies

101% Growth

Welcome to the imdb of Bollywood. mumbaitheater is a place where you will get the latest about bollywood

1,691 Users

19 Multiplayer Puzzle

101% Growth

Play online jigsaw puzzles together with other players. Share the fun of combining parts with your friends.

2,739 Users

20 LemonTunes

101% Growth

Search and listen to your favorite songs

784 Users

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