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07/25 to 07/26

Top 20 Entertainment Apps

1 Goonies

110% Growth

Your favorite Goonies characters are back in one minute web series. Watch and laugh along.

551 Users

2 Oh My Dog

104% Growth

Oh My Dog - the famous one minute series by the grandfather of animation - Narsi.

1,758 Users

3 Colonization Hex

103% Growth

In this game there will be a map filled with colored grids. Your colony starts with the home grid in the center of the map marke

582 Users

4 Virtual Pets Gadgets Fish

103% Growth

Online Virtual Pet Games, Fish Customizable

794 Users

5 Radios de Guatemala

103% Growth

The top Guatemalan radio stations in one page. Easy to use and 100% free.

1,133 Users

6 LemonTunes

103% Growth

Search and listen to your favorite songs

782 Users

7 Thieves of Egypt Solitaire

103% Growth

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire is much like the classic game of Forty Thieves Solitaire and sure to make you have lots of fun! The o

785 Users

8 Tamil Paa

103% Growth

Tamil songs lyrics for all kind of Tamil Movies in 100% in pure tamil.

573 Users

9 English Flashcards for ESL

103% Growth

Combining Jane Eyre and SAT words with multiple language explanations and picked-words review feature.

648 Users

10 Ebru TV

103% Growth

Ebru TV is a 24 hour family-friendly cable and satellite network in the United States.

966 Users

11 Memreebank

102% Growth

Memories define you. Share what really matters.

515 Users

12 Books to Buy

102% Growth

Keep a list of books to buy on Amazon, with their price and availability

602 Users

13 Wild Wild Taxi

102% Growth

You will be addicted immediatly after playing Wild Wild Taxi! In this super fun game you must use the arrow keys to dodge the ca

6,703 Users

14 Radio online from Indonesia

102% Growth

All major Indonesian radio stations. Click a radio icon and listen at home or in the office. Easy to use and 100% free.

932 Users

15 Wave-PD1

102% Growth

An experimental synthesizer built using the Web Audio API.

1,310 Users

16 Dr. Beat

102% Growth

Dr. Beat metronome helps your practice in maintaining a consistent tempo.

5,094 Users

17 Facebook Photos Plus

102% Growth

Get all the latest photos from your friends in a Pinterest-style feed

2,338 Users

18 WealthLift Investing Videos

102% Growth

Find the best Investment videos online, contribute to discussions and help crowd-source more investment videos

2,798 Users

19 FabOracle

102% Growth

Think a question and press ASK to get your answer.

4,735 Users

20 Light Bright

102% Growth

An amazing Lite-Brite web app simulator.

846 Users

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