Best Chrome Apps

11/24 to 11/26

Top 20 Entertainment Apps

#1 Yo[U-Turn] App

105% Growth

Free download - Legal Music

615 Users

#2 endlessPlayer

103% Growth

Plays your favourite video-content in an endless stream.

2,426 Users

#3 Police Radar

103% Growth

Detect the presence of police officers with Police Radar!

1,425 Users

#4 Colonization Hex

103% Growth

In this game there will be a map filled with colored grids. Your colony starts with the home grid in the center of the map marke

523 Users

#5 Fotocycle

103% Growth

Auto-play YOUR/Friends albums on Facebook!

932 Users

#6 Picsta

103% Growth

Popular Instagram photos

1,188 Users

#7 Mouse And Cat

102% Growth

Everyone know of the rival between cats and mice now in the game of Cat and Mouse you can be part of this infamous rivalry. In t

545 Users

#8 Hollywood Movie Trailers

102% Growth

Discover, Watch, and Share your favorite movie trailers for many current and upcoming releases videos.

619 Users

#9 Beautyworks - Fashion Magazine, Fashion News, Fashion Shows, Fashion Blog

102% Growth

Beautyworks is for all you beautiful ladies out there wanting to look and feel your best

2,398 Users

#10 Metataste - Discover Movies

102% Growth

Personalized recommendations. Robust movie search. Movies similar to a movie. Maintain lists. Meet movie lovers with similar tas

5,933 Users

#11 Vocabulary Flashcards of Exam

101% Growth

Combining Jane Eyre and GRE words with multiple language explanations and picked-words review feature.

1,137 Users

#12 Wave-PD1

101% Growth

An experimental synthesizer built using the Web Audio API.

1,396 Users

#13 ClanShot - Social Image Gallery

101% Growth

ClanShot is a public gallery for sharing images to be displayed, you can post your photos, your designs, your artistic creations

818 Users

#14 Clipabout: funny YouTube videos

101% Growth

Watch the latest funny videos from the web, updated everyday.

2,037 Users

#15 Age Scanner

101% Growth

A handy web app that guesses your age based off of your fingerprint!

979 Users

#16 AccuRadio

101% Growth

AccuRadio is a free personalizable Internet radio service, featuring more than 600 hand-crafted music radio stations!

15,004 Users

#17 Roomy TV

101% Growth

A Simple Web App To Watch TV Online for free with

1,250 Users

#18 Castle puzzle game

101% Growth

Jigsaw puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty

1,957 Users

#19 audioboxlive dj radio

101% Growth

Streaming House Music 24/7 from Montreal

23,350 Users


101% Growth

Stop browsing, Start watching.

994 Users

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