Best Chrome Apps

12/18 to 12/20

Top 20 Entertainment Apps

#1 Trap Music

105% Growth

Hottest Trap Music

1,750 Users

#2 TwistedWave

104% Growth

An audio editor

42,779 Users

#3 LoveCalculator

104% Growth

Relive the 90s using the love calculator! Use it for your first love, current flame, ex-flame, singer, actor/actress, etc!

1,595 Users

#4 Facebook Photos Plus

104% Growth

Get all the latest photos from your friends in a Pinterest-style feed

2,653 Users

#5 PulpTunes

104% Growth

Stupid Easy Music Streaming Server for iTunes

711 Users

#6 Metataste - Discover Movies

103% Growth

Personalized recommendations. Robust movie search. Movies similar to a movie. Maintain lists. Meet movie lovers with similar tas

9,149 Users

#7 Animoto Videos

103% Growth

Share your life through the magic of video

19,761 Users

#8 Magic Assemble

103% Growth

Magic Assemble is the ultimate app to play Magic The Gathering on Google Chrome!

1,895 Users

#9 Radio stations from Pakistan

103% Growth

All major Pakistani radio stations. Click a radio icon and listen at home or in the office. Easy to use and 100% free.

684 Users

#10 Cool Metronome

103% Growth


10,901 Users

#11 War Sounds

103% Growth

A sound board app that brings WW3 to your desktop!

2,725 Users

#12 AmosTV

103% Growth

Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

577 Users

#13 My Santa Talk

103% Growth

A Conversation with a Virtual Santa

1,641 Users

#14 Meme Generator

103% Growth

Create memes instantly and share them with your friends!

22,915 Users

#15 Short stories

103% Growth

Share your short stories

1,990 Users

#16 Wave-PD1

103% Growth

An experimental synthesizer built using the Web Audio API.

1,349 Users

#17 Funny Pics Box

102% Growth

Collect various kinds of funny pictures, funny photos which can be conveniently shared with your friends on facebook or twitter.

1,251 Users

#18 Dr. Beat

102% Growth

Dr. Beat metronome helps your practice in maintaining a consistent tempo.

6,397 Users

#19 Prambors

102% Growth

This is the official Prambors's application for streaming and you can make your own HITS music playlist.

7,379 Users

#20 CoolStreaming - Best Streaming Site

102% Growth

CoolStreaming Biggest Internet tv platform to 2005. Also On Ipad,Iphone,Tv-surf,Windows Mobile

1,491 Users

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