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10/29 to 10/30

Top 20 Entertainment Apps

#1 Zampoņa

108% Growth

Soul-touching Pan Flute from Latin America. For Issues or Feature requests, mail to:

1,040 Users

#2 ColorHits

107% Growth

Color search meets music discovery.

1,259 Users

#3 Radio stations from Pakistan

105% Growth

All major Pakistani radio stations. Click a radio icon and listen at home or in the office. Easy to use and 100% free.

695 Users

#4 Books to Buy

105% Growth

Keep a list of books to buy on Amazon, with their price and availability

546 Users

#5 M33tv

103% Growth

Watch your favorite movies, shows, and content free online.

615 Users

#6 Trap Music

103% Growth

Hottest Trap Music

1,533 Users

#7 HalloweenSoundboard

103% Growth

A fun soundboard full of spooky Halloween sound effects!

5,037 Users

#8 Code Breaking

103% Growth

In the game of Code Breaking you must use your noggin and unveil the secret code! You must guess what the symbols are, drag what

745 Users

#9 Superstitious App

103% Growth

Get your lucky ticket! Who knows... luck might just be on a photo taken on a random day.

1,745 Users

#10 Love Calculator

103% Growth

Relive the 90s using the love calculator! Use it for your first love, current flame, ex-flame, singer, actor/actress, etc!

1,383 Users

#11 Wild Wild Taxi

102% Growth

You will be addicted immediatly after playing Wild Wild Taxi! In this super fun game you must use the arrow keys to dodge the ca

13,531 Users

#12 Rajini Truths

102% Growth

Brace yourself for Rajinikanth Jokes and fun facts!

8,460 Users

#13 Promoterr Music Videos (Music TV)

102% Growth

Promoterr Music Videos is a premium channel that plays today's hottest music videos from today's top artists.

1,236 Users

#14 Thieves of Egypt Solitaire

102% Growth

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire is much like the classic game of Forty Thieves Solitaire and sure to make you have lots of fun! The o

762 Users

#15 FruitLabour

102% Growth

Fresh, colorful and unpredictable nonsense

816 Users

#16 kissLecturas

102% Growth

This is a cool simple app to organize what, how much and when you read

1,456 Users

#17 ClipMonkey

102% Growth

Have a good laugh with the funniest, most amazing videos on the web!

734 Users

#18 Radio stations from India

102% Growth

All Indian radio stations in one page. Easy to use and 100% free.

23,901 Users

#19 Virtual Pets Gadgets Fish

102% Growth

Online Virtual Pet Games, Fish Customizable

811 Users

#20 Funny Pics Box

102% Growth

Collect various kinds of funny pictures, funny photos which can be conveniently shared with your friends on facebook or twitter.

1,253 Users

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